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News: Ferrari Enzo Replacement To Be Faster Than The Bugatti Veyron?

Posted April 27, 2012 by EssentialKid in Uncategorized
Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari fans: You will witness a successor to the mighty Enzo supercar that will be built before the end of the year as a 2013 model. You will witness a supercar that will have the fastest acceleration EVER(and yes, that includes the beast known as the Bugatti Veyron 16.4). And, if you’re lucky enough(or wealthy enough), you will also have the opportunity to own this Enzo successor.

While at the Beijing Auto Show, Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa was presenting Ferrari’s latest powertrain, a V12 hybrid that will be fitted inside of the successor to the Enzo, while also sharing news that the vehicle will also sport the same grade of carbon fiber as their Formula 1 race cars that is both lighter & much stronger than the material used on the Enzo & iconic F50. But, getting back to the powertrain, this V12 hybrid setup is engineered in such a way that we could possibly see this vehicle achieving as much as 900 horespower(hypothetically), and would leave a Bugatti Veyron standing still in 0-124 mph sprint.

Given the fact that the Ferrari Enzo went from 0-120 in 9.2 seconds with much less power & minus one gear, according to 0-60 Magazine, in which their author states “For the record, the Enzo-down one gear and at least 100 horespower versus its replacement, even before the electric motor is factored in-ran from 0-120 in about 9.2 seconds. So we’re guessing the new supercar will run from 0-124 in… about six seconds. Holy. Sh*t.” I second that my good friend…


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